About District

Panchmahal history is woven around Champaner city Vailabhis during Shilaaditya 5th reign Vikram Samvat (AD : 348 -385) Bronze interception Godhra hack means in present Godhra’s “Vijay Chavani” his reign in 7th century (AD.647) Champaner is said to be established.
At the end of 13th century (in 1297) under the leadership of Alaudin khilji, muslims going back from Kichdivad, Chauhans became the ruler of this country.

  • In year Mohmmad Begda had won Champaner. Uptil then Chauhan’s power was prevailing – Mirt – Sikandri’s (AD 1611) writer has praised the place for its fruits freely. In whole “Sultanat” our country’s mango is best. There was so much sandalwood, lot which could be used in building a home. During the reign of Mughal Shahenshah (AD 1573 – 1727), Godhra became this districts, main head Quarter. As described by Watson in Gujarat’s history in 17th century, his wild elephant’s place was described as hunter’s place.
  • In year 1727, Kantaji Kandam Bandas child Krushnaji invaded Champaner and regular tribute being wlleted. In 18 century’s middle period Sindhiya confiscated Champaner. And joined Panchmahal with own states. Up till then this place was under the possession of Krishnaji, is known. In AD 1803 Britishers had won Pavagadh’s port. Inspite of this, to confiscate it or to admistrate it, no efforts were made. In later year this fort was given back to Sindhiya’. In AD 1853 this district was given to Britishers uptil then it remained with Sindhiyas. In 1858 A.D. October extremely destructive group named Nayka, under the leadership of Rupa & Keval had stood again Britishers. But they were not successful in it.
  • Under British rule Panchmahal district became part of Mumbai prant.
  • In November 1956 state being remanaged Mumbai states part was divided in Vidthrbh, Marathavada, Saurashtra and Kachchh. Bruthad, Divibashi (2 languages) states became part of Panchmahal district.
  • At last on 1st may 1960, Mumbai state being divided, Gujarat and Maharashtra, came into separate existence. From this date Panchmahal district came into existence as a part of Gujarat state.