Panchmahal means “five palaces” in which five talukas, which includes the Sub-Divisions (Godhra, Dahod, Halol, Kalol and Jhalod) were submitted to the British by Maharaja Sindhiya of Gwalior. Thus, the name of this district is Panchmahal. Then on 1st May 1960 the state of Mumbai was divided into two parts. This led to two separate states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. At that time, Panchmahal district, with 11 talukas (1) Godhra (2) Kalol (3) Halol (4) Shahera (5) Lunavada (6) Santrampur (7) Jhalod (8) Dahod (9) Limkheda (10) Devagadh Baria became a part of the Gujarat state.

In 1997, The Gujarat Government, through its notification no: GHM-97-85-M-PFR-1097-L dated: 24-04-1997, formed the new Dahod district from Panchmahal district by dividing Panchmahal district. And through notification number: JHM-97-120-M-PFR-2397-2593-L. dated: 15-10-1997, Lunavada taluka belonging to Panchmahal district was divided into Lunavada and Khanpur Talukas and Godhra Taluka was divided into Godhra and Morva (Hadaf) Talukas. After division, with total 11 new talukas namely, (1) Khanpur (2) Kadana (3) Santrampur (4) Lunawada (5) Shahera (6) Morva (h) (7) Godhra (8) Kalol (9) Halol and (11) Jambughoda, a new boundary of Panchmahal district came into existence on 02-10-1997.

After that, in the year 2013, the notification of Govt. Of Gujarat: GHM-2013-73-M-PFR-102013-139-L-1 dated: 13-8-2013 divided the Panchmahal district into new district of Mahisagar. The headquarters of Seven talukas of Panchmahal district, (1) Shahera (2) Morva (h) (3) kalol (4) Godhra (5) Ghoghamba (6) Halol and (7) Jambughoda, was kept as Godhra and Lunavada was kept as headquarters of newly formed Mahisagar district. Thus, again the new boundary of Panchmahal district came into existence on 13-08-2013.